At ICVS we offer all the services listed below. Moreover, our prices are very reasonable and, in addition to our pricing schedule, we offer discounted rates for repeat visits for a particular treatment regime to ensure that the best healing outcome is achieved. All routine procedures are processed efficient at highly competitive rates. For procedures requiring a full anathesia we will tranport your pet to our base and usually return it the same day. The initial house visit attracts a surcharge of $15 for all households within 15 km of our service area.  




Micro Chipping

This is performed in conjunction with other procedures at home, in the ICVS surgery or at certain meeting places such as pet shops on a schedule of dates.


We can provide grooming services with sedation as a home service.
Dental Care

All animals are tranported to the base for dental treatment. Pick up is generally possible later the same day from the base. Prices are highly competitive.


Mobile Ultrasound / Radiology

ICVS offers its sophisticated mobile ultrasound capability, an advanced diagnostic tool, as part of its mobile service. Digital Radiology is available at ICVS.


Natural therapies

It is a major challenge for IVCS to combine the more modern  “Western” world of medical advances with the already established natural therapies used successfully for thousands of years in Eastern civilisations.


Laser Therapy
We are offering advanced laser therapy, which can be useful for many chronic clinical conditions especially for the geriatric patient.


Wellness Exams

All medical and surgical conditions, some diagnostic work up included.

Preventative and Behavioural, Dietary and Ophthalmology.


Spay & Neuter

All small animals, but transported to the base.


Emergency Care

All conditions SA, either treated or referral to next veterinary specialist facility.


Promotional offers, Heartworm, Worming, with full health check, multible animals-

and breeder discounts.



Certain small procedures are possible under sedation at home. Other more complex surgeries are transported to the base, or to a referral veterinary hospital.


Breeding Services

There are extended services for breeders. In addition, ask our friendly staff, we sometimes have wonderful puppies for sale.